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Descale is an exceptional cleaner that breaks down limescale, soap scum and removes stubborn stains from all ceramic and stainless steel areas. Descale rapidly cleans and eliminates odours leaving the area germ and grime free. For best results on toilets, apply Descale evenly under the toilet rim and leave for several minutes before brushing and flushing away. Suitable for use alongside the entire Eco World product range. Please note that Eco World Puro must be the base applicant if you wish to combine multiple products.

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Features & Benefits
  • Pleasantly Perfumed For A Long Lasting Freshness.
  • Suitable On All Ceramics, Stainless Steel And Chrome Fittings.
  • Breaks-down Limescale And Removes Stubborn Stains.
  • 100% Biodegradable With Minimum Environmental Impact.
  • Excellent Cleaning Ability.
  • Neutralizers Odours At Source.
  • Effectively Removes Soap Scum.
  • Use On All Ceramic Areas.
  • Apply Liberally To Under-rim And Allow Several Minutes Before Brushing Before Finally Flushing.
  • Use On Stainless Steel Sinks.
  • Ideal For Hard Water Areas.
  • Not For Use On Marble Or Porous Stone Work.