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Eco World Puro+ offers users a cost-effective alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals and helps to maintain septic tanks and drains. Not for use in food preparation areas.

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Features & Benefits
  • Digests Grease, Oils, Fat And Other Organic Waste Materials.
  • Use As Spot Cleaner On Carpets And Fabrics.
  • Cleans Drains, Showers And Tiled Walls.
  • 100% Biodegradable With Minimum Environmental Impact.
  • Cost-effective Alternative To Harsh Chemicals.
  • Helps Maintain Septic Tanks.
  • All Hard Surfaces, Glazed Ceramics, Porcelain, Chrome, Plastic Surfaces, Walls, Tiles, Fixtures, Toilets And Surrounding Area, Urinals, Sinks, Shower Cubicles, Carpets And Upholstery.
  • Pour Down Drains To Help Maintain Them.