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Wheat Straws 300

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About Hay Straws

Our Hay Straws provide the perfect alternative to plastic straws, without having to worry about sogginess or breakages.

Hay Straws are a natural by-product of wheat hay stems, which are harvested, rinsed three times and cut to size before landing on our shelves making them 100% organic, gluten free, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The straws are ideal for use in both homes and restaurants promising re-use for multiple drinks. The product also fits in all medium and tall cups/glasses, soft drinks, and tall cocktails, providing a service for all manner of occasions.

By purchasing paper straws, you are contributing towards deforestation and potentially unstable lumber practices. Purchase our Hay Straws today to get the convenience of a disposable product, without the worry of toxic chemicals or plastic waste!

Wheat Straws 300

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