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Xtra Breeze 250ml

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XtraBreeze is a naturally renewable technology that decomposes odours in carpets and upholstery.

Xtra Breeze 250ml

It can be used on almost any surface and can eliminate stench from waste bins and organic matter. A few sprays of XtraBreeze will leave any area fresh with a lasting fragrance without the hassle of sticky residues. 

XtraBreeze promises to eliminate pet or incontinence odours as it renders ammonia neutral. Suitable for use alongside the entire Xtra Range. Please note that XtraClean must be the base applicant if you wish to combine multiple products. Not for use in food preparation areas.

• Quickly and safely neutralises foul odours including Ammonia.
• Naturally renewable technology.
• Can be used on almost any fabric including carpets and fabrics.
• Creates a fresh and long-lasting fragrance.
• 100% biodegradable with minimum environmental impact.
• Does not leave sticky residues on surfaces.

• Use in any environment where foul odours are detected.
• Spray lightly covering entire area including corners of Rooms.
• Spray lightly on carpets and upholstery before or after vacuuming carpets.

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