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Eco World Lumen is an easy to apply, multi-use hi-tech polymer based polish. Lightly wipe the water-based product over the surface in question to repel dust for up to four days. Eco World Lumen resists dust and fingermarks and leaves a pleasant perfume. For use on almost any surface, including: laminate, tile, marble, chrome, plastic and vinyl. Ideal for use on mirrors with amazing results. Suitable for use alongside the entire Eco World product range. Please note that Eco World Puro must be the base applicant if you wish to combine multiple products.


  • Parfum <1%
  • Polymer <10%

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Features & Benefits
  • Repels Dust For Up To 4 Days.
  • Excellent Results On All Wood Or Laminate Finishes.
  • Use On Glass, Mirrors Or Windows For A Streak-free Finish.
  • Safe And Non-toxic.
  • Outstanding Environmental Profile.
  • Water-based For Safe Use On Almost Any Surface.
  • Does Not Contain Any Solvents Or Abrasives.
  • Quickly And Easily Removes Dirt And Grime.
  • Contains No Silicon
  • Non-wax Finish.
  • Use On All Wood Types Including Laminate, Tiles, Marble, Chrome, Plastic And Vinyl.
  • Furniture, Car Interiors, Shoes, Handbags, Equestrian Leathers.
  • Do Not Use On Floors As May Create Slippy Surface.