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“Being an engineer in the yachting industry, we are currently being bombarded with promotions for every possible cleaning chemical under the sun that are friendly for sensitive components, delicate interiors, expensive paintwork and of course environmentally friendly.

Being very conscious of what I put down the drains, in tanks, what we use on delicate materials and what we put overboard, I am constantly seeking more environmentally friendly solutions to cleaning and chemical treatments onboard.

After being introduced to the Real Sphere range early this year it was trialed for 2 months throughout the vessel with great success, with positive feedback from all departments.

I now use RS Eco World products in the engine room, it takes a lot to maintain the yachts engine room to a high standard, battling against oil, greases, paints. I found over the 2 months RS Eco World exceed all expectations I had of the products, RS Eco World “ALLOVA” is more than capable even at the lowest concentration to remove surface dirt, light greasing and every day dirt, exactly what this product was designed for.”

– Edward Epps (2nd Engineer)

NERO – 90M Classic Motor Yacht

“Real Sphere Eco World came as a recommendation from a trusted supplier and it was a wonderful encounter at a time when the world is reflecting even more on our environmental impact.

RS Eco World products offer a cleaning experience like no other and without the toxic overload often associated with maintaining hygiene onboard yachts. The products came as a wonderful solution to keeping our crew area and back of house germ-free without the harmful chemicals, and a range we found much more pleasant and user friendly than marine friendly cleaning product competitors. The smell, the experience, the packaging, truly gave our team the pleasure of housekeeping onboard.

Miles was also supportive, willing to answer any questions we had and was able to offer us positive solutions to help us implement an effective and environmentally conscious cleaning system onboard. I highly recommend these products to any Chief Stewardess looking to positively transform and streamline housekeeping onboard.

We are in love with the Puro+!”

–  Elizabeth Harvey (Ch-Stewardess)